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Nasi na T30 - SP5DRH i SP5EAQ

Witam. Informuję, że "nasi" Jacek SP5DRH (T30RH) i Jacek SP5EAQ (T30AQ) będą czynni z T30 w okresie 1.03-17.03.2011

T30 T30 map

Our tasks are the same as those we had going to Pacific in 2009. I would put my efforts on working on 160 meters and 30 m RTTY. I will obviously visit 80 meters sometimes, but the absolute priority will be 160 meters band. Jacek SP5EAQ, 100% dedicated SSB operator, would take care of the remaining bands. We would try to have two stations operating at the same time. Rys SP5EWY will be our pilot as in case 3D2 operation.